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God bless you all with a wonderful beautiful week.

Good Morning to all my conquerors, warriors and Facebook friends. Wishing you a beautiful, healthy, safe week. Life is beautiful and we should look at life with a positive attitude and thank God for all He has given to us. This is what makes it a beautiful day. We are thankful and appreciative for what we have instead of what we don't have. Attitude is the key that unlocks the door to view a beautiful vision of what life is and what we have to be thankful for. When one feels "why me" it brings us down a few steps and depression sets in. My grandmother would say "If everyone would hang out their problems on a clothes line and then you got to pick the problems you want, one would pick their own". As I got older I understood what she meant by this. Walk into a children's hospital and see all the children so sick. These are little defenseless children. They are so pure and so beautiful. This is a big wakeup call. So, I ask you to smile today and give thanks for all you have. Smile at someone today. You just might save their life. God bless you all and I wish you all that all the Angels to surround you with all of their guiding, beautiful protective light. Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo

1Sheila Schrank

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