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Hello all my Conquerors. Warriors, Family and Friends, "Welcome Life" !

Doesn't time go by so quickly? WOW. I feel like I am a little behind on my posting but here I am. I just celebrated another Birthday and yes I celebrated. My family and friends were right there with me as I thanked God for giving me another day. We don't always think each day when we awaken to thank God for His grace. Life is precious and you begin to realize how blessed we are that we made it through another day. I have been praying for all those who have suffered through the horrific hurricane. Some lost some, some lost all and sadly some lost their life. How blessed that most of us all did not have to experience such a devastating storm. We can all help by keeping the people of Florida and near by states in our prayers, thoughts and even helping in anyway we can. The states will survive and they will rise above this. God is strong and more powerful than anything. Yes, He allowed this to happen but did not cause it to happen. It is through God's powerful grace that He will help us here on earth rebuild and be stronger than ever. There are so many good people here on earth and willing to pitch in an help. God bless America! . He always has. Even though Mother Nature is not always nice and does her thing He will make sure that we survive. Look what we have been through and we are all still standing. We survive together, we work together, we pray together , we love our country and we are united and we will "never give up" ! Blessings. Jacqui

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