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The Essential Rules for Writing an Inspirational Book

The Essential Rules for Writing an Inspirational Book

Almost everyone loves to read inspirational stories. These are the kinds of stories that do not only narrate certain events or demonstrate certain concepts and ideas, but they also touch the hearts of their readers. Generally, inspirational stories have a wide range of themes. Among the most common themes of these stories are love, hope, healing, transformation, spiritual growth, and more. Just as there are many reasons to read inspirational books, there are also plenty of reasons to write them. First off, the genre of self-help under which inspirational stories are mostly written has been a lucrative genre in the literary world. Inspirational or motivational content has always been very appealing to the reading public. More importantly, writing an inspirational book is a great way to help other people.

Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo is a great example of an inspirational book that knows how to help and touch the hearts of its readers. It is a collection of true stories and poetry written by the author herself whose journey has been able to help others discover their true selves. The book touches on several themes, including love, grief, hope, and courage. It contains several inspiring tales that are intended to resonate with anyone who has suffered a hardship or the loss of a loved one. In general, Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo seeks to open hearts, touch souls, and encourage all of its readers to believe in what is possible. It is a truly inspirational book that provides the opportunity to know and understand that life continues after this life on earth.

If you are an aspiring author who wishes to help other people through your writing as well, then this article is especially for you. Below are some of the essential rules for writing an inspirational book that you always need to remember.

Have a specific message

Before writing your book, you should first be able to identify what kind of message you want to convey to the readers. How do you want to inspire people? What specific message do you want to send across? In writing an inspirational book, it is necessary to be as specific as possible. Avoid writing about a vague topic. Choose a certain situation or issue that you want to talk about and address particularly. For example, if your book is about love, then write about a certain situation that demonstrates a specific aspect of love – it can be a guide on how to love your enemies or an advice on how to harbor love during difficult times. In essence, being specific allows you explain your perspective more clearly, and it gives you the opportunity to use anecdotes or case studies that fit your intended message.

Tell personal stories

An inspirational book becomes more convincing when it is filled with personal stories, which are experienced or heard by the author himself or herself. If you want your book to be truly inspiring and impactful, then tell some personal stories in it. Establish your credibility as an author by sharing your personal experiences in your book. After this, share the reflections and lessons that you have gained from your experiences. In Straight from My Heart by Jacqui DeLorenzo, for example, the author is able to strengthen the points of her book by sharing particularly her personal journey as her life is touched by others.

Be sincere in writing

This is the most important rule that you should keep in mind when writing an inspirational book – your goal and intention should be sincere. Sincerity is the key to writing a good inspirational book. In essence, sincerity means that your intention in writing is pure and your main goal is to help and inspire others above all. When you are sincere in your writing, it becomes easy for the readers to believe you and build a connection with you and your book.

Overall, inspirational writing is something that every author and aspiring author alike is capable of doing. In essence, writing an inspirational book is just all about gathering your stories, finding a message in them, and establishing a sincere goal of helping others through your writing. If you have some inspiring tales like those of Straight from My Heart by Jacquie DeLorenzo, which you personally think can help others, then write about them by all means. Share them to the world. You never know how many hearts will be opened and souls will be touched by your writing.

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