A Blessing has happened!

Hello to all my Conquerors and Warriors! God bless you all. I received a great blessing on Thursday. My cancer medicine has been approved!! Amen. It has been so long and I am so grateful that it is in the process. I am waiting to receive the medicine that will help prolong my life and help me live fully through God's intervention because of all your prayers. I am so thankful to all of you! We are all so blessed to have such great doctors, nurses, medical staff pharmacists, and all those that we are blessed to help us. My journey will continue as I always have hope in my heart. I will always have hope. My stronghold is my faith. It is my wings that keeps me floating . It is a big part of my survival. Last but not least, I have all of you with all the love you have extended to me. I so appreciate all your prayers, warm thoughts and positive energy sent to me. You are not only conquerors and warriors but you are my friends. May the angels surround you with their beautiful guiding protective light. Wishing you all who celebrate Thanksgiving a beautiful healthy happy one. For those who do not live here in the USA may your day be beautiful in every respect. Blessings and Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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