A Heartful THANK YOU Straight from My Heart

Hello my dear friends. I cannot thank you enough for all the love and caring concern you have given to me. I am blessed and I know my cancer journey will be a success and I will be uplifted by my faith. God is good and He will help me through. I have my beautiful family, I have my sister Jeanne who is right by my side helping me with all my appointments but mainly her love that I feel from her. My precious Green family that lifts my spirits all the time with my beautiful Jayden and adorable Dominic. They are my lifeline. I have my friends here on earth and my loved ones in heaven. I have my Savior Jesus, his blessed mother Mary, all the saints and my guardian angel and angels that are watching over me. Archangel Raphael who is the healing angel never leaves my side. I pray everyday for strength and I thank God for all He has given me. I am blessed. So this blog is a prayerful THANK YOU! straight from my heart. Blessings and God bless you all.

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