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May a beautiful month, The flowers are smiling!

Hello all my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends. The blessings of May are upon us. As we live each day to the fullest we all look forward to more of the beautiful sunshine. This helps bloom the new day. It is one of our gifts from God for us to see the beauty of life. So our journey this month why don't we will make it a joyful, peaceful and serene new beginning. Many of us look to have a new beginning so for all of you who need a little push (like we all do at times) here it is "A full plate of positive energy." Life can be tough inside your window and outside your window too. It is not an easy life today. Life is life and it deals us many joyful moments but along with joy unfortunately comes sorrowful moments. We as Conquerors, Warriors and Family and Friends know this. It is like I am preaching to the choir. So I don't have to say more than this. Our missions is to keep all the positive life things on our plate. The negative ones that sometimes slip on with no choice of ours can be made into a positive outlook. This is how I handle the negative things that creep into my life beyond my control. It is our attitude and to have a positive attitude no matter what. On a personal note I will share (as most of you know) I was told I have an incurable cancer. I fight this everyday with my faith, my hope and my will power to survive. I must add I thank all of you for all of your love and support and caring. I so appreciate you reading my blogs because i all want you to hang on to "hope" which is sometimes we feel is all we have left. I am a Conqueror. I look at all the positives in my life that helps me with my struggles. Although my cancer is incurable I have a great medical team that provides me with the best possible treatment for me. I get up in the morning and put my feet on the floor. This is a great step wouldn't you say? (no pun intended, ha ha) I live my day with positivity. Sometimes I have to push myself, because I must admit I don't feel as well on some days as others but I use it as a motive...."push forward Jacqui" . So all of you can do this too. I want to be happy, have a positive day, do good for others and thank God for helping me make it through another beautiful day. Blessings to all of you. I love you with my heart and my soul. Blessings, Love and may the angels surround you with their beautiful guiding light. Jacqui DeLorenzo

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