A Miracle has happened!

Whether you believe in miracles or not there is something that is extraordinary! I am a believer in miracles so for me this is miraculous. We now have a positive, effective, safe vaccine. This has been a year, not even a year, that has tested our hope, faith, love, endurance, patience, mindfulness, and all the words that may come to you now. I know some of you are reading this wondering why I have so much confidence in this. I believe in science and I truly believe that through God's guidance and the millions of people that have been praying for this cure that our prayers are answered. This is the new beginning for us. So, the dark tunnel that we all have been traveling with a dim light is opening up a bright light, a new beginning and a brand new world for us to live in. The key is what have we learned from this. We have learned a lot and this is one of the biggest lessons we probably have ever endured. We will live in a "new" world but a better world. We will be more aware, conscientious, grateful, appreciative, thankful. We will be more careful on how we take care of ourselves and others. We will love more. I love you all. May the angels guide you and surround you and all your loved ones.

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