A new Beginning for all of us.

Are we blessed! Yes we are. We have made so much progress. We worked hard and we paid the price for our new world. So lets not look back or forward but let us all live for today. We certainly have learned that no one is promised tomorrow and if we look back or look forward we miss what is right in front of us. As we step into the beautiful seasons of Spring/Summer lets look up to the sun and enjoy and embrace the sun on our face. I am sure we all welcome the beautiful sun and the light it shines upon us. We are experiencing the freedom we once had but always took it for granted. We can't help but appreciate what is right in front of us. Freedom to hug, freedom to enjoy each other's company, freedom to dine, travel, go to school, go to work, take a walk, exercise how we want and enjoy all these things we took for grated but no longer do. We are blessed and I thank God for helping us through something that we would all like to forget. God bless America and God bless the world.

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