A *new* World "Don't stop believing".

No one could disagree that we live in a "new" world. Life is different and it is still quite surreal. We have never experienced this before in our lifetime. The Corona virus is deadly and it won't let go. It is powerful and full of venom. It is evil and has changed everybody in some way. Some people have suffered immeasurable loss. All of us have suffered in more ways than one. We see an improvement and we see hope, then once again there is a spike in the virus again. So how do we handle such a pandemic. We look at this as our mission, our goal, our hope. Remember there is always hope. We can never let go of hope because often this is all we have it seems. Looking ahead, not back, we see a vaccine that is in the making. A very efficient, safe, reliable vaccine. We see doctors, scientists, lab workers and many health care working on a way to "kill" this deadly germ. This is very promising and we will get there, I believe a a vaccine will be here a lot sooner than previously expected. We can all help and we can all take part in helping Corona disappear. We need to care about others and care about ourselves. We need to lift our spirits and feel good. We need to take simple steps. We all know what they are. This virus and the way it has governed our life is not forever and this to shall pass. Life is full of mysteries and for sure this has been one of them.. No one said life is easy and this is surely a test for us all. We have ourselves and we have each other. We have our own spiritual beliefs and we have our own personal beliefs. As united there isn't any thing that can hold us back or achieving our goal and get rid of this virus. We are strong, we are conquerors and we might not always win the battle that we are fighting but sure as heck we will win the war. Go to He __ __ double L Corona.

Blessings, Jacqui

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