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A Thread of Hope

Many of us now feel often that hope is dim and there is little or no hope. However, there is always "A Thread of Hope" no matter how hopeless it may seem. In my first book "A Thread of Hope" A Woman's Spiritual Journey of Faith from Trauma to Triumph" tells the story of my journey and the many times I hung onto the thin thread of hope I held onto for dear life. My journey from my parents devastating breakup, death of my 13 year old brother, my being horribly bullied, my struggle with a eating disorder, my own personal survival of cancer, brought me to the depths of depression. However through my faith and the miracle of Jesus love I hung on to the thread and worked my way to believing in myself. I wrote this book to help others not feel alone and that someone really cares about you. I am not saying I have had the worst life because I haven't. I've been blessed with many blessings and I am eternally grateful for all of that. All I am saying is that I've been there feeling almost hopeless but no matter believe there is always hope. Sometimes that is all we have. Life can be tough and very trying and sometimes we just can't change things. It is what it is. So, what are we to do? We can become conquerors or we can be victims. If we choose to become conquerors we become the captain of our ship. We choose our path and the way we handle it. We are strong and we are powerful. We have a bright light. If we choose to become victims then we stay in our sad, frightened, unlit world that is dark. We have no way out so we stay depressed. The best part is we have a free will to choose our journey's path Conqueror or victim. God Bless.

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