Life has its ups and it has its downs. Some changes in our lives are good and some not so good. So, once again it is in our control. I personally have a new life. My life is very different than what I was use to living. My new life has many new challenges for me. I deal with new struggles and without a doubt can be challenging for me. During this epidemic everyone has had to change their lives rearranging mostly everything. So now you ask yourself what can I do? Since you cannot change many things that life deals you , stop trying to change it back. It is not going to happening. This is the new normal, this is the new you, this is the new world, etc. I now have a heart condition. I was in the hospital for 9 days during this pandemic. Of course, I had no visitors and always checked for the corona virus. I had worked as a counselor at a community college, I helped my little nephews, I met friends for lunch, shopped, and only took a calcium and a Probiotic. I could breathe. Now I have problems breathing, on medication, not working, going out less. Tough changes. Now I have a new life. I learned to work with what I have left instead of what I had. It is my new life and I am thankful for that. So what I am trying to say is that you live your life and be thankful for what you have. It's about not looking back, being thankful for what you have and living your life to its best. You will be amazed that the word "Accepting" many be your saving grace. Blessings, Jacqui DeLorenzo

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