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After the Rain: There is always a Rainbow.

Hello my Warriors, Conquerors, friends and family!!! Exciting news. I think you will find my new book very inspiring and uplifting. "After the Rain, There is always a Rainbow"! It has been a long time in the making but it is finally complete. I am blessed to have you all keeping me in your prayers and in your thoughts. I remember you all daily when I pray. We are all blessed in a special way and we are watched over with God's caring grace. Everyone was blessed with a guardian angel when they were born so remember to ask for their help. All you have to do is ask. Angels will never intrude but they do wait by your side when you need them. I personally ask my angel and all the angels everyday to surround me with their guiding grace. The beautiful weather is approaching and the beautiful sunshine shines down upon us. The sun warms our spirit and reminds us about the bright light above us. Life is good and life is what you want to make it. Be positive and know that you are not alone. Blessings Jacqui

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