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"After the Rain, There is always a Rainbow!"

Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, Friends and Family. I hope you are all well and enjoying this week to the fullest. It is a beautiful week filled with promises. I am so excited to share my new book with you. Thank you for all of you who have added my book to your collection. I am so thankful you chose to get my book. Thank you for all the wonderful warm comments you have given me. It warms my heart to know that it has lifted your spirits and has give you hope and inspiration. This is my goal for you never to give up, look up into the sky and see the beautiful light that God has given us. If any of you care to get a copy of "After the Rain, There is always a Rainbow" it is available to you. . Remember you have to add my name because there are other books with this title. Barnes and Noble, Amazon and the publisher Readers Magnet is where you can purchase it. I wrote this book with much love, caring, and thought and wanted to reach everyone to tell you that you are loved. Don't ever feel alone because you are not. I love you all from the bottom of my heart and with my soul. I send you all beautiful angels to guide and protect you and may God bless with you with His loving heart.

Blessings, Jacqui DeLorenzo

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