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Beautiful Day

Lets make today and each day a beautiful day. How do we do that? We look into ourselves and we tell ourselves that this is going to be a beautiful day. Even if it is raining we know behind that rain is a beautiful rainbow and the beautiful sun that will bring sunshine down on us. I love this saying and I have said it before because it holds volumes ," If you think you can you can. If you think you can't you can't " . We can choose to make any situation in our lives a positive one. We can say: I am strong, (because I am) I know I can be happy, (because I choose to be) Evil will not win, because I am more powerful and have divine intervention fighting with me. Make each day the best!. We hold our heart and our soul within us and we have our mind to make our own decisions and choose how we want to live. Life has been tough the past two years, and is tough anyway no denying that, but we are all still standing strong. Yes we are strong! Each of us may be in a different boat but we are in the same storm. We are resilient. We are blessed for the strength we have in fighting any thing that comes our way. Blessings and Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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