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Believing in life after we pass

Lately I have seen many posts asking if life continues after we pass. So many questions and so many searching for answers. I have always been a believer that life continue after we pass. I believe in God and I believe He is good, just, and most of all loving. Do we see all our loved ones, if we had more than one family which one do our souls turn to?. So many good questions. I feel our souls can be divided in many pieces. Our soul that loved one family can be divided to be with that family. Our soul that loved another loving family can be with that family. There is no hate, no jealously, no envy, no pain, no sorry, just love. There is no time in heaven so our loved ones don't miss us. They are with us all the time. I am sure many of you have felt a loved one or have gotten a message from above. Remember, I am talking about our purified soul not our casing (body). Our soul carries within it everyone whom they loved here on earth and everyone who loved them. "Heaven" is beautiful and we can rejoice that it will be ours someday. We will be with our families, our friends, all the ones we loved and loved us. Believe this it is beautiful to know. I think of all my loved ones, family, friends, great acquaintances and everyone that will meet and greet me when my time comes. Most of all I will be greeted by divine intervention the loving saints, and my loving guardian angel and all the angels that protected me and guided me. whom has always been by my side. I am so blessed and I am so grateful for all life has given me and I thank God/Jesus for loving me.

Blessings and remember Never give up. Jacqui DeLorenzo

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