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Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends.

Wishing you all in the USA "Happy Blessed Thanksgiving". Also, anyone who doesn't celebrate this holiday why not give this time a moment to thank God for all you have. It is a special time to reflect and feel so blessed . It is a great time to be grateful for all the blessings, family, friends, gifts that the universe bestows on you every single day. I think sometimes we forget and take everything for granted. Thank you for the food on our table, thank you for the warmth of a place to lay our heads at night, thank you for the love of our family and friends, thank you for our health, thank you for peace, love, and our own personal faith. We have so much to be thankful and grateful for. I am sure there is not a single person that cannot find at least one thing on this list to be thankful for. We are blessed and we are loved. We are conquerors and warriors and we fight to the bitter end with our family and friends as our "army". We are never alone and we must feel the power within that the enemy cannot win. We are strong and we will never give up. Giving up is a slow death an enemy and we will never let it win. Please know that I love you all with my heart and soul and I want you to be happy and thankful for each day. Live each day to the fullest and you will feel the sun shine down on you.

Blessings and angels from me sent to you to hover over you and bring you love, peace, blessings and happiness. Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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