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Blessings and more to all my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends.

I start each day with thanking God for all He has blessed me with. I awoke today, put my feet on the floor and began my awesome day. If we start each day with a great attitude our day will be the best it can be. In a few words this is what blessings mean to me. B is for the Beauty in my life, my family, my friends, my conquerors and my friends, So this is all of you.

L is for all the Love in my heart for God, Jesus my Savior, all my loved ones who have gone before me. Love is positive, love is saving, love is beautiful, love is vital and without it one feel empty. I love all of you and this is straight from my heart! E is for the beautiful Energy that I send to all of you. Positive energy lifts you up, brings you joy, positive energy inspires you to never give up and go forward no matter what. Don't let negative energy in your space it will begin to deflate the beauty you have within. S is for Special. You are all "special". Don't ever let anyone tell you different. Feel the beauty within your soul, feel the positive energy, embrace the love you have in your heart. What could make you feel more special. S is for Serenity. This word speaks Volumes. I treasure this word from the bottom of my heart. Peace is everything. Accepting what we cannot change and changing what we can makes all the difference. Serenity is the key. I is for Inspiration. Inspiration gives one "hope". Hope is sometimes all one has but it is everything. It gives you a reason to "never give up" hang on and go forward. It is truly a life line. Inspiration is what I send to all of you. N is for Never give up because there is always hope. If you give up you become lost, depressed, and you feel hopeless, This is not a place you want to give into, why, because you feel alone and that is very sad and a very uncomfortable place to be. G is for God. God is everything. In my life God/Jesus is my anchor, He is my lifeline. If I didn't believe there is a beautiful world that we journey to after this one than I know I would feel entirely different than I feel today. I live my life knowing that I will someday see all my loved ones that went before me, and I will see my Savior that has often walked with me through life and very often carried me. So as I end this blog I thank all of you who have given beauty to my life, loved me, lifted my energy, made me feel special, given me serenity with your love and words, inspired me, given me hope, and helped me never to give up and loved God as much as I do. So many BLESSINGS to all of you. May the angels surround you always. Jacqui DeLorenzo

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