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Blessings for 2021

2021 will bring a new beginning to all of us. It has been a big wake up year. Have we been asleep, unappreciative, taking things for granted, going along our way which ever way we wanted? I can honestly say that for most of us we have to answer yes to all or most of these questions. We have taken things for granted. I don't think we will do that again. We will be forever aware and reminded of what we all went through this year. We will be able sit where we worship and be ever so thankful that we can be there and pray and praise God. We will sit in a restaurant and look around take a deep breathe and be thankful that we can do that again. We will go to a beach and be able to smell the fresh air with ease. We will walk through a mall, sit at a pavilion, sit in a movie theater, go to a concert, just live our lives like we had known it to be. We will be free, free at last and hopefully so grateful. Where do we begin to thank all who has helped us get here. I first thank God. Thank you God for inspiring and giving the knowledge to the countless of workers who helped us get to our "new" world. Thank you doctors, scientists, nurses, health care workers, pharmacists, grocery workers, and so many more that I have not mentioned, but not forgotten. As I write this two vaccines has been approved , they have proven to be effective, safe and available to all in the near future. This is our HOPE. We have a life line and hopefully we will all grab onto it. It is our future into a brand new world. A world where we are all stronger, braver, wiser. grateful. but most of all thankful that we all have another chance to live our lives more fully. I thank my God and all of you who worked endlessly to cure the world in more ways than one. God Bless America and the world. Love and Blessings. Jacqui DeLorenzo

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