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Candle in the Wind

Hello my Warriors. Conquerors, Friends and Family. Wishing you a beautiful week. Have you ever felt like a candle in the wind? Sometimes life can get so difficult that the wind in your sail feels like your breath is being taken away. We all have felt this way but as as strong warriors that we are we fight it through. We get on top of the situation and sail through it with a sigh of relief. This is life and we all know this by now. Life is smooth and life is rocky. We ride with the waves hold onto out beliefs, our friends, our family and remain strong. Never feel alone. There is always someone to hang onto. Friends, family, faith or what ever you have even a pet. Sometimes a pet is your best friend. However always remember you have yourself you are your own best friend, conqueror, warrior. This is who you are. This keeps you strong and keeps you resilient. Think of all you have been through especially these last three years! Are you still here? Yes!! you are stronger than ever. Life makes us stronger with all its challenges and we make it through! I want to congratulate all of you for the hard work you have done. You made it through and will continue to do just that! You are all my hero's. Blessings and Love. May the angles surround you this week and always. Love Jacqui

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