Catch a star...

We can reach for a star and actually grab onto it. Look up at the sky it is beautiful and has so much to offer. It is an endless sky with millions of stars twinkling at us. It is telling us there is life, beautiful life. We should all be looking up with the hope, love, faith and determination. We all have to move forward keeping our eyes mind, soul looking up. We don't want to stay in a darkened world. When we look down we see dirt and holes. We fall in. The longer we look down the more we get stuck and more difficult it is to release ourselves from it. We live in a beautiful world that is going through a crisis but it is not the end but it is a new beginning. We are learning so much from this and we will be a better world because we each be a better person. We have learned and still learning. We will look at this "new world" with a new view on how we look at ourselves, our country our world. God Bless you, America and the world. Amen.

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