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Coping in todays world.

Coping is a six letter word with a big meaning. How do you "cope"? It isn't always easy for sure but we can do it in a very optimistic, positive way. Taking care of yourself is vital. Thinking of others is an important step on our journey to a better world. Having a positive attitude rather than a negative attitude is so important in being able to cope in a healthy way. Remember we have a choice. Thinking about others and their safety is our responsibility when we make our choices. Many things that happen today is beyond our control but we DO have control on how we are going to handle them. We do have rights and we do have a right to choose. However, I feel if my choice might inflict on others in some way I need to think clearly on what I choose to do. Peace of mind, heart, and soul is what we all want. We want peace and health in the world and our country, we want our mind to be relaxed and be able to rest our heads on our pillow at night, close our eyes and sleep. We want our soul to reassure us that things will be better. It will!! We are going in the right direction and the light is beginning to shine. We have hope. We all have love in our hearts and we need to reach out any way we can. If we have an open mind and keep a positive attitude coping will be easy and we will go with the flow and look for a bright future. Love is the key, hope is the journey, peace and health on earth is what we strive for. If we think we can, we can. If we think we can't we can't. I bet I know what you my friends would choose. God bless and God bless America and the world. May the angels always surround you with their guiding light. Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo.

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