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Do you see a Rainbow!

It is a very rainy day where I live, in fact it has rained every day in July so far. We could look at this as doom and gloom or we could look at the rain as a blessing. The flowers need rain, the earth needs rain and sometimes we need a rainy day. (Although I don't know it we need 10 days in a row, ha ha). The rain gives us a chance to reflect and be quiet with our thoughts. I know myself I am definitely a sunshine person.. The more sun the better I enjoy the day. So today while it is pouring outside I allow myself to sit down at my computer and be thankful for all I have in my life. Life gets busy and it is important to take time and reflect, pray, meditate, what matters to you the most. My mom loved the rain. She would open up the doors to hear the peaceful sound she found in its rhythm. I think of her when we have a rainy day and I say, "This ones for you mommy!". So today , whether it is rainy where you are or not remember that "After the Rain, There is always a Rainbow"! Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo May the angels always carry you on their wings.

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