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Encouragement not discouragement sent to you my Warriors, Conquerors, Friends and Family.

Encouragement is what we all need today. We have all been through so much these past few years that we all need to smile more and be happy for all we have. Discouragement should only be found in the dictionary. Look away from that word that only brings unhappiness. Who needs that! We all have a beautiful spirit inside of us. It is who we are. We are beautiful individuals inside and out. We need to draw on our own "soul spirit". We need to believe that we are in control of how we feel and who we allow in our space. We all can feel discouraged at times. This is what Satan does and what the devil wants. He wants us to feel helpless, hopeless, useless and all those negative words. Why would we want him to enter our world. God will take care of us. He doesn't want us to worry about tomorrow. He already has that taken care of. We need not to worry. It is in His plan and He knows what is best for us. Believe who you are and never listen to negative thoughts or negative people who try to enter in your world. You make your own happiness. If you took a piece of paper and on one side write all you have to be thankful and grateful for it would no doubt be a lot longer than some negativity that managed to get on your plate. Lets today and everyday rise above it and as a team shout into the sky, "We the warriors, conquerors, family and friends lift our hearts, spirit and beautiful energy to you our almighty God thank you for lifting us up." Blessings, sending God's grace and all the angels to surround you with love, protection and a beautiful positive spirit. Love and hugs, Jacqui DeLorenzo.

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