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Finding Hope When You Have Lost It

When things are complex and have been hard for a long time, finding sources of being and remaining hopeful is tough.

Everyone has moments when they feel entirely hopeless. Traumatic experiences or repeated failures often bring on these feelings. It can sometimes get so bad because the stuff that once brought you joy no longer interests you. Day after day, you go through the motions of existence, barely appearing in your life. The world turns around you in a blur. You no longer have the interest or the energy to look for moments of joy.

Three Ways To Regain Hope

Be reminded that you have not always been this way when you begin to feel like you have lost hope. Pulling yourself out of this darkness and finding steps to feel like there is hope again is challenging if this feels like you, read on to discover some ways to regain hope.

#1. Focus on the positive. This must be challenging to focus on when you feel something is positive. Start small when looking for positives. For example, you can get out of bed. Some people need the capability. You may have a job you do not like, but at least you have one. If the sun has come up, or if you woke up today, there are positive things around you.

#2. Believe in yourself. You are capable of so much more. Even though you are sad, you get up every day and show up. You are beautiful, even if you are being challenged with life. Try setting at least one goal for yourself. These goals can be different from summiting Mt. Denali or ending world hunger. It can be as small as sitting at your favorite park or walking a mile to start a project you have been thinking about for quite some time. Refrain from being too strict with yourself and give yourself grace. It is okay not to be on track all the time. Some days will be better, but keep believing you can get there. Try using some positive affirmations. These help you overcome negative self-talk and engage in inner positive thinking. Saying these things is the initial step toward believing them. Thus, say something positive about yourself at the start of your day.

#3. Surround yourself with positivity. People have moments were dealing with negativity is much easier than engaging in positivity. It is too easy today to gossip or judge rather than build someone up. Encircling yourself with positivity is such an easy step to fighting hopelessness. Positivity power is a secret weapon that goes overlooked mainly by mainstream society. Positivity is so effortless once you get the hang of it. You do not have to be a ray of sunshine or something. Just like with your goals, start small. Instead of thinking of terrible taste in movies or thinking poorly of someone's fashion choices, notice their radiant smile or the thoughtful way they treat others. As big an accord as it is for you to be indeed positive, it is equally essential that the people around you remain positive. Surround yourself with people who enjoy life, help you find positivity in everything and everyone, or make it simple to think positively of them. Find individuals who have similar interests to you. It may be time to make new friends.

Concluding Words

When you fall into hopelessness, it can feel like there is nothing or anyone you can do to ease the burden of sadness buried in the fabric of your existence. The cause and reasons for hopelessness can stem from many things. Not having a job, the death of a loved one, the crushing of a dream, and divorce can cause you to be hopeless. You might need help figuring out where to turn. Luckily, there are ways to fight these feelings. Surrounding yourself with warmth and positivity can help you find hope again. If you need to connect with a professional, visit Jacqui DeLorenzo's official website. She is a licensed mental health counselor through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and would be happy to help you work through your emotions of hopelessness and even offer support to find your hope again.

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