From The Heart (card group)

It is a beautiful day today and I have been praying devotedly for my dear friend Betty who has stage four liver cancer. She is a true believer in God and has so much faith. I pray for a miracle but I always end my prayers with "Thy will be done". God knows best and if it is not meant for her to live on this earth her journey into heaven will be peaceful and a smooth flight into the hand of our Lord. God know best and to live a life of existence isn't living so this I pray for her that she will accept the will of God which I know she probably already has.

Although this is sad it is also joyful because her suffering will be over and she will find only love and happiness. Please pray for her and that God's will be done. Pray her life here on earth will be free of pain. Blessed be God.

I have a Special note for the "From the Heart" card group.

My heart, soul and my forever grateful self send out a gigantic thank you for all your beautiful cards and tokens. I hope you all received my thank you. Please "From the Heart" group that didn't leave an address I send you a "Thank you from my Heart" to you. You touched my heart and soul. What a beautiful gesture, a beautiful group and a blessing from God.

Blessings Jacqui

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