Good Morning World

It is a beautiful here in Massachusetts. The cool crisp air with its beautiful sun shines down upon us today. Lets make it a day that when we lay our head to say goodnight we can say "yes" what a great day I made it. It is almost the fall season but it already feels like fall. In New England we really do have the four seasons. So what does the fall season bring to us. My niece and I took her young children ages 4 years and 1 yr old to go pumpkin hunting. Of course we had to find a gigantic one, which we did. In fact we found two pumpkins one for each. It was fun walking around even with our masks and our social distancing. We made it fun and we had fun. We wanted to make this a good day, a happy day and we did. Although this was simple we made it the best. You can always make your day a great day. You don't have to do something big. Spending time with family and doing something you love is everything. Enjoy your day and do something you love.

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