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Happy Thanksgiving

May I wish you all a very happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with love and a grateful heart. It certainly is going to be a very different Thanksgiving than we all are use to. However, we can make it the best we can. We can be very thankful for many things, the greatest is we are here to celebrate. The fact that we are even able to celebrate Thanksgiving is a gift. Even though we can not celebrate as we have in the past we can still enjoy the holiday and love the ones that are with us.. This is just this year, next year will be different. We will be back to what we know. It is a good year to reflect on what we have and realize how it can be taken away from us in a minute. We have learned a lot from this virus. and still are learning from it. It will be a better world. It has been a lesson to all of us. Our world will be safer, healthier, and it has taught us how precious life is. We celebrate life and are thankful for it. Thank you God Jesus for your love. However, I cannot forget to honor all the dear people who have lost their lives. It is very sad and no words can take away the pain and sorry of the loss. My heartfelt love I send to the the families and friends that have to bear the sorrow. I am so sorry for the tremendous loss you now carry. The belief that you will see them again is something to hang on to. Never forget that their soul lives on and they are around you no doubt. So, as I close I wish you love from me. Jesus loves us all. I ask the angels to surround you with their guiding light that will fill your heart and soul with love, happiness and health. Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo

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