Have you fallen into a hole?

I remember reading a poem: "There's a Hole in the Sidewalk" by Portia Nelson. This blog was inspired by this poem.

Sometimes we keep falling into the same hole. We feel depressed. Still we walk down the same sidewalk, but we begin to realize we don't want to be there. However we don't take charge of it, we don't want to own it. Is it a habit? Do we walk down the same sidewalk over and over again falling into a deep dark hole? ? Why do we do this? Well often the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know attitude. It is easy to be stuck. This lets us fall into this negative path. Is this a positive way to feel or relate to our fears--NO. of course not. We need to avoid that sidewalk. So, what can we do? We re look at how can we change, feel better by charting our path to a new road. There are many sidewalks. We can take, a positive path. We need to walk down a different sidewalk. It is our choice. I am not saying it is always easy but when you make that change you will feel uplifted and gain more confidence because you did it!! Don't fret if you don't accomplish this overnight you didn't get where you are overnight. You will get there! You may walk down the sidewalk and look into the hole but you don't fall in, you may walk around it. This is okay, it is a process. So we need to be the captain that we are and focus on a rainbow, a flower, a happy thought, a dream, a wish, focus a positive route. We need to make a positive change in what we are stuck in. Even if it is small, we need to make this step. . Our attitude and focus is on feeling better and skipping the negative sidewalk completely. We walk down a different sidewalk and find our rainbow, a flower, a happy, a happy thought etc.

Blessings and Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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