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Hello Conquerors and Warriors: A New beginning!!

Have you ever heard that saying , "This is the first day of your life"? Why not look into that phrase. I think it is beautiful. Easter is just a week away and during this time I feel so grateful for my faith. I see how selfless Jesus suffered for us and died for us. I can't help but be so grateful and so thankful for Him and how He sacrificed His life for "us"! I think about my life and thankful I have Him to often carry me through my trials and tribulations. I have a wonderful uncle. My Uncle Bert is always so encouraging and so uplifting to me. He is sent from above, a divine intervention, to me. He is so full of love and his commitment to our Lord Jesus builds my strength. God has a way of having people in your life when you just need a lift and to know someone cares. I care, and love you all in my heart. I may not know you but my soul does and it goes out to you. This time a year is so promising. Flowers are blooming, the sunshine will big brighter and a new beginning has emerged. So why don't we all Conquerors and Warriors set our sail and sail into a beautiful new horizon. Lets begin with life is good and believe it! May the angels surround you with their beautiful guiding protective light. Blessings and Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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What a beautiful and inspiring writing. Wishing you a wonderful Easter with your family. As you put it - Life is good - especially with friends like you. Love and hugs.

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