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Hello my Conquerors and Warriors .

A blessed day to all of you wishing you a happy, healthy, safe day today. I heard the ground hog saw his shadow. Does that mean 6 more week of winter? Anyway, if it does pay no attention to him. What does he know. ha ha. Well an update on my journey with stage 4 GIST cancer. But before I tell you about that I wanted to tell you that I went for a follow-up on my bladder cancer and NO Cancer!!! Praise God and all of you who pray for me. I don't have to go back for six month. Praise God. The positive side of my GIST is that the tumors did not grow. They remained the same. To be honest my hope was that they would have shrunk but in God's wisdom there was a reason they didn't. In six weeks I have another scan and a Dr. visit with my great cancer doctor. I believe there will be shrinkage of my tumors and on my way to a successful journey. It's a familiar ride for me because I have been on this journey before twice but I will make it through with flying colors and appreciate everyday that God gives me to live. I want to thank all of you for all of your love and support in reading my blogs. I hope they have helped each and everyone of you in some way. Never give up hope and always keep love in your heart, peace in your soul and belief that good over powers evil because no one is more powerful that God. May the angels always surround you with their beautiful, guiding, protective light. Love from my heart and soul Jacqui DeLorenzo,

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21 de mar. de 2022

Hi Jacqui, my prayers are with you always! So glad that you were able to get back to breathing OK, but hope that they are able to find the cause of this issue. I'd love to talk with you one of these days -- just let me know when is good for you! God bless you and all the good work that you do!

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