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Hello my Conquerors and Warriors

What a beautiful day it is for the first full day of Spring. It is finally here and I am sure that most of us are so happy that a new life has begun ! So, instead of looking back, that just holds us back, lets look forward and spring ahead. So, I will begin on telling you I am thankful and grateful to be alive and able to write to you today. I had a tough couple of months. I could not catch my breath, I could hardly breathe. I went in for a blood test and they discovered my blood was so low I needed two pints of blood through a transfusion and a iron infusion. I was admitted to the hospital and received treatment. Now, to find out why my blood dropped so low. I am reaching out to all of my conquerors and warriors for your prayers. Our battles go on but we are here to win the war with whatever life deals us. We are strong and we will never give up the fight. I pray for you all in my daily prayers and i ask my Savior to look down on this earth and bless the world especially Ukraine. If we all joined together and ask for His blessings He will hear our plea. Amen. Blessings Jacqui

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