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Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, family and Friends! Blessings to you!

Blessings to all of you and I hope you are happy, peaceful, and content. My friend and I were talking. She said to me, "Jacqui when I get overwhelmed" "I breathe in God, Breathe out Fear!" What an amazing quote. What an amazing practice. It makes you think doesn't it? What a wonderful thing. Knowing that God is all powerful and there for you when ever you want Him to be. He is that close and He is miraculous.!! Give it a try, "breathe in God, breathe out fear". How simple this seems but believing and being mindful it works. If we believe and put our trust in God we will feel His glory, His strength , His peace, His love, His comfort . We all get overwhelmed, we all feel restless and uneasy at times this is part of life. We can make it better. We have the power "we believe". So believe in yourself and know that you are never alone. Have no fear, Breathe in God, breathe out. fear. Amen!

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