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Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends. Living with Cancer!

Hi Everyone. I hope you are all doing well. It is a beautiful Sunday and I am loving it. Summer is my kind of weather. it lifts me up and helps me fly. Many people ask me how do I keep such a good attitude with my diagnosis? It is simple. A positive attitude is what one must have. I tell people that "I am living with cancer ! "I'm not dying with cancer!" That is the secret. It is how one looks at life. You can choose to be a victim and give into it or you can choose to be a conqueror and step forward and keep moving up. We all have a choice. We all were born and we are all going to pass. I believe it is a beautiful passing , a better life ahead. I don't worry because it would use up my positive energy and a life worth living. I wish I could reach out to everyone and bless them with health and happiness. I wish I could instill that we all have a choice to choose to be happy or not. Life is what you make of it. What is your choice? Love and Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo

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