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Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends. We are in the same boat just a different Storm!

We all have our battles in life. No one gets off scot free. (although many of us may think that) We haven't walked in their shoes so how would we know? It is how we steer our boat that gets us through. Do we sail with a bright light shinning ahead toward the shore or do we travel through the storm with darkness heading toward a bolder. Remember, we are the captain of our vessel and we decide which way we are going to sail. Along our trip through life there are many high waves that are strong and could knock us out if we let them but we manage to stay on board and keep sailing. We are conquerors and we are strong. Life has a lot of evils lurking waiting to sneak into our lives but we hold onto all the positives, all the things we have, and we refuse to let any evils or negatives onto our positive plate. Ask yourself "Why would we allow a negativity in if it is going to push a positive out. We travel through life not really knowing what the future holds good or bad. We don't always have control of what happens but as I said many times we have control how we are going to deal with it. Life is very different for many of us from when we grew up and for all of you that are fairly new to this world it is not easy. We have made many changes through the years and many positive changes. However through changes along with the good many difficulties tag along. It is up to us to not let go, keep going no matter how difficult it is. We are strong, we are conquerors, we are warriors and we are all beautiful. We may lose some battles but we will always win the war!! Blessings. Sending you all angels to hover around you. Love Jacqui DeLorenzo

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