Hello my Dear Friends

I thought I would write a poem that I hope you will enjoy and make you smile. I always liked poetry and this is one of the things that I do to help me feel happy inside.

Smile as a Child

If you are blue and want to smile than think of a child and how happy they are.

So what makes them happy and can so easily smile, I tell you a secret and warm your inside.

Its not difficult to do but you do need one thing, start out with an attitude that will make you want to sing. Why are children so free and feel so content they seem to have no worries to contend.

They have a great attitude and no prejudices they see, they love everybody and always aiming to please. Their hearts are filled with genuine love and want to make you happy and as free as a dove.

They hold on to nothing and quickly forget, they quickly forgive, and feel so content. So learn from the "children" how beautiful they are and you will feel the warmth build up in your heart.

So the secret is "childlike" so easy to do just open your heart and you will feel anew. Your heart will be open and you will be free from hurtful emotions and negative things.

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