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Hello my Friends,

Have you ever felt you were running against the wind. I believe we have all felt this. You drop something on the ground and out of no where this gust of wind comes behind you and lifts what you have dropped and runs with it. It challenges you to catch what it has taken away. The wind is strong, powerful and can be nasty. As you run with all you have to catch what was taken from you the power of the wind seems to get stronger. It teases you as it shows its power and strength. AH Ha, it doesn't know your power and the inner strength you have to fight till the end to get back what is yours. Life is like this. Challenges are always there to face us, to challenge us with its mighty power and force. So, here it is right in front of us. We are Conquerors, we are not victims. We are strong and we are determined to win the war. We may have to struggle harder sometimes but the battle can be tough but we will win the war. Attitude and determination is the key. Never give up your tenacity to fight till the end. So I say to all of you "Never give up"! Believe in yourselves. Fight against the evil and don't let it win. Even if things don't turn out exactly like you wanted believe you can make it work. Determination you have within your body, soul and spirit will inspire you. Love you all and God Bless you. May the angels always surround you with their guiding protective beautiful energy light. Love Jacqui DeLorenzo.

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