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Hello September ! Hello my Conquerors, Warriors, Family and Friends!!

WOW, it is hard to believe it is September already. Summer, for me, passes by way to fast. Fall has a beauty in itself and I do love the beautiful things it offers. Every season has its beauty and we make the best of each season in a positive way. Now that it is September and we are transitioning into Fall. It is Labor day and always on Labor day my mom would be telling me "no more wearing white shoes or clothes and even purses". I am sure many of you remember that. Today I have my white shoes on. I know it sounds trivial but it was a decision that I made that left me feeling a tweak of not following the "Rule". I decided that I had to let go of this 'silly' tradition awhile ago. So I did and I feel fine. So this is a great time to make changes that you are hanging on to. Some are small and some pretty big. You can do it!! So many of us hang on to things. We decide not to talk to an old friend or a family member and we don't even remember "why" ?? We don't see them and we lose touch. Before we know it days turn into months and months turn into years! Family and friends are important in our lives. How sad is that we made that decision. We have that negative piece on our plate taking up space. A positive piece could be right there. This is a perfect time to take that leap. Make a phone call, meet a long lost friend or family member. Be the conqueror or warrior that you are and decide "I am going to do this for me today!" What do you have to lose. You will feel better that you made a positive change in your life. Life is too short and we all know that. You will only regret hanging on to something that you can change before it is too late. So many people say "I should of" but it is too late for them. Don't let that be you. Blessings and Love Jacqui

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