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Hope is our Oxygen

"Hope" is a very powerful word especially in today's world. Some days this is all we hang on to. The Covid virus has shaken up the entire world. It has been and still is a great wake-up call to all of us. Once again, it is how we look at our lives. Although it may seem dark at times there is always a spark of light and a rainbow when the storm is through. We will get through this and life will have a new meaning to us. We will look at life differently and we will appreciate all we have instead of what we don't have. Did you ever ask yourself how wonderful it is to even sit at a Panera with a friend and have a cup of coffee/tea or whatever you choose.We took this all for granted and never really thought about it. We will now and it will matter. We will appreciate life and be happier. I know there has been too may losses there is no denying that. It is very sad and unfair but there is a reason and as difficult to understand there is a positive side that sometimes we cannot see. My mom passed away in September at a nursing home. I was so saddened but I see the light. I would not of been able to see her or she see me. This was a blessing. As much as I miss her I know she is in a much better place. One can always find the gloom but even better you can always find the light. Remember it is your choice, Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo

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