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Keep Strong and NEVER give up Hope!

Hello my dear friends,

My faith has sustain me. It has given me HOPE and a reason to go on. I ask myself at times “Is there more to life than this”? “YES” Keeping strong and keeping positive is what I strive at. I take each day step by step and go forward. I think life has thrown at me too much all at once and I work at keeping a peace within myself. I always turn to my faith because there is a better life after this one. I must admit it is not always easy for me but I make it through with gratitude but still hold some emptiness inside of me. I look forward to find a person that I can vent to and talk to. I lost my best friend, my mom, just before Covid came into our lives. I was her caretaker as I had always been since I was a child. I miss her so much and never let myself “cry” enough over the loss of her. I think because it was too painful. I had just lost my sister Debbie to lung cancer. Soon after losing my mom I lost hearing in my right ear. It was a tremendous loss. I am so thankful I can still hear. Shortly after that and during COVID I ended up in the hospital with a heart condition that left me with AFIB. It just seemed to never end and then I was having a problem bleeding and went to the doctor’s to find that I had bladder cancer. The cancer was removed and so far so good. However, it was discovered that I have this very rare cancer called GIST. I have GIST 4 cancer which is incurable but treatable. My point in sharing this story which I have shared parts of it before is that I don’t want anyone to give up HOPE and the belief that life can deal you many issues that you have no control over but you can be a conqueror and not a victim. I am a conqueror but I have my sad, down times. I have anxiety and sometimes feeling “I need a push today”, but I make it through. You can too. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t you can’t? May the angels always surround you with their beautiful guiding light. Blessings, Jacqui DeLorenzo

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Jan 15, 2022

Hi Jacqui, thank you for sharing the details of your health issues. So courageous of you to do so and thus inspire others to have faith and a positive attitude and especially, to keep having faith that God's will is perfect for each of us within his plan! I feel blessed to count you a one of my dearest friends, and am always available to talk if you feel like you need to hear a friendly voice of encouragement! Love, Ali

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