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Living for "today" Blessed Hello to my dear friends.

To-day TODAY is the day you are alive and today is a day that's yours. I live each day to the fullest. I learned through life that tomorrow is gone and can't be changed. If it was a great day that is wonderful and the beautiful memories will lift your spirit. However, If it wasn't as good as you had hoped learn from it and put it aside for you have a new day. Perhaps it was a lesson. Why waste your energy on yesterday you need to make today the best day it can be. Tomorrow hasn't come , so again why worry or wonder. Does it make your current day better? worse? Bottom line it doesn't matter it will be what it will be. Today is filled of a new beginning, new opportunities, new discoveries, new challenges, new choices and so much more. When you open your eyes in the morning and arise thank God for a new day and make it your best. You decide from the very beginning that no matter what happens you are the captain, your are the leader, you are the conqueror for all the positives and the negatives that happen through the day. Do a kind deed, pass it forward, live the day to the fullest and don't waste the precious moments you are given. Life is short and to waste it on yesterday that is already gone or to think about tomorrow that isn't even here is fruitless. My message is to enjoy the day you are in and make the best of it. Find a positive in the day and believe me there are plenty. You will feel the beautiful energy that is open to you just by living today. Blessings and God Bless. Jacqui

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