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Open your Heart and love will pour in.

As I write my blogs my gratitude extends to Kyle Torrez of Readers Magnet. He taught me how to blog, and how to share my blogs. I am so thankful to him. So I can share my thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences today because of him and Readers Magnet. I think about how far I have come in sharing my thoughts, feelings and love. I have always wanted to share the beauty one feels when giving part of themselves to help others. Have you ever had a bad day when there wasn't anything that was going right. The weather was even dreary. How do you feel when you see someone smile at you. A sense of acceptance, a feeling of love, feeling of being cared about, all because of a smile. This cost them nothing and gave you everything. This might of saved your life. This reminds me of the story of the little boy who was walking home alone with books in his hand. Some wise guy kids passed him by and knocked the books out of his hand. They all laughed and skipped away. Another kid a minute behind came by and saw the young boy crying picking up his books. The young kid helped the boy pick up his books. He smiled at him and said no worry I can help you. A simple gesture. The little boy said to the kid "Thank you so much for helping me. These are all my books from school. I was going home to end my life. I felt so unloved but you who doesn't even know me helped me." A kind loving gesture meant more to this boy than anyone could ever imagine. This saved his life. You just never know how even a simple smile can mean the world especially that day to that little boy. Next time you are out taking a walk, strolling in a mall, or whatever you are doing give someone a smile. You may never know what this person is going through but you lifted their spirits and cheered them even for the moment. So I extend to all of you a gigantic beautiful loving smile. I hope you pass it on and I wish you a beautiful day. God Bless and many blessings. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Blessings Jacqui

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