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Over the Rainbow!

Hello My Warriors, Conquerors, Family and Friends! Welcome November! We made it!!! How grateful we are that we have been blessed with another day to celebrate our lives. Life is precious and we never know what tomorrow holds. Let me be the wind beneath your wings. (you are al angels in my eyes) When you feel that you are sinking and life has thrown you another blow lift yourself up with your wings. You will feel a positive energy force lift you higher and higher and over the rainbow where only beautiful angels. gorgeous flowers, awesome butterflies and magical dragonflies make up part of that beautiful "over the rainbow" world. Only positive beautiful energy flows there. There is no way you cannot feel anything but peaceful, happy and content. So take this magical ride with me anytime you want. Remember you are loved. Sending you beautiful angles and much love. Breathe the beautiful light of the sun and thank God for all He has given us today. Angels blessings and love. Blessings Jacqui DeLorenzo

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