Positive vs Negative: How I feel.

It is so easy in today's times to allow ourselves to feel negative and let ourselves fall into a black hole. In addition to our own personal issues we are dealing with Covid 19. I asked myself how am I going to deal with all of this. It is easy to live with all things great, rewarding, happy, content. How different we feel when negativity moves on in. I believe myself to be a very positive person and can find a positive spark even in the negative issues that surround us today. Covid 19 was an unexpected tornado that rained on our parade. Its a monster to say the least. I turn the negatives in my life into a positive ending. It is like when we make mistakes they are no longer mistakes, but lessons if we learn from them. Although we made the mistake it can become a positive lesson and of great value. When life deals me negativity I find a way to help myself feel better. I am not saying that we aren't sometimes left saddened, angry, bewildered but we can work those feelings to be lessened by not letting what is happening be in vain. We can find a positive avenue to turn the negativity into something that will matter to you and even the world. So lets take Covid 19. What could be so positive in any way about Covid 19? People have passed away, people are sick, families and friends are separated , business are closing, schools, colleges, day cares have taken a drastic course in a direction they have never been. Many are without jobs, income etc. We are stressed. As I said before in the beginning of my blog if we learn from the negatives, mistakes, etc then they are lessons learned and become positives. We will recover and we will be stronger, more connected, more caring, more careful and we will appreciate what we have and no longer take it all for granted. For me this has strengthened my faith. I am a true believer and no one or thing is stronger than God/Jesus. Negativity in my life has enhanced my positive thinking. I learned a long time ago that I do have a choice to be a conqueror or a victim.

I would love to hear from you my friends. So, how you are feeling? it matters to me and I care. You will add a positive vein in my life. I thank you so much. Blessings always. Jacqui

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