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Smile today it's better than a frown.

Good evening my dear friends. I really enjoy writing my blogs. I feel good inside if I am able to help you in any way I can. I hope that you will find at least one thing in this blog that will give you light, hope and gratitude. I hope all of you are having a happy healthy day. Life is tougher than usual these days but this makes us tougher. This makes us stronger. This makes us braver. We made it through the day. Bravo!! This is good. Give yourself a big smile and a big hug. Remember hugs, I miss those hugs. Every day we work through our day and hopefully in a real positive attitude. Some of us plan our day, some of us let the day plan us. Life is different for sure but we can make it the best. This is a new beginning for us. We will have a new normal, a better normal. We will learn a lot from this pandemic. We are learning how to improve our lives in many ways, We are learning to appreciate what we have even more than we thought we did. We took things for granted but now we appreciate even going into a store and finding paper towels. We are grateful for being able to meet a friend for coffee inside or out taking all the precautions necessary to stay safe. We appreciate even taking a walk, riding a bike, going to a health club, even being able to walk into a doctors office and not have to do a virtual visit. This is a very positive step for me. The relief and security of seeing a doctor in person for me is priceless because of my own issues with health. All the things we did without even thinking about it is now so valuable to us. We are learning so much from this horrific virus. At this time it may seem that it is winning the battle but the end result is that we are going to win the war. The end is coming and although it may seem slow and relentless we are going in the right direction. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train but a bright light. My own inner feeling and my intuition is that a vaccine will be available at the beginning of the year. It certainly will take time to prove to be safe and effective and that's a good thing. We want something safe and effective. I feel by next fall we will be back on track and with all the learning this virus has taught us. We will take care of others and ourselves much better. We will appreciate life, our loved ones, our friends, and everything that matters most to us. I thank God for my faith because my faith has been my anchor. Everyone of you can find a anchor and stay grounded. You all have your own personal journey and you all have your way to cope. You all have a choice on how you are going to travel this journey. It is your choice and your choice alone. Do not give up! You are the captain for you are in control. We didn't choose this in any way shape or form but we do have a choice to be a conqueror which I am sure you all are or to be a victim which will lead you to an unhealthy path. You have a choice. May the angels guide your path and ride with you during this rocky times in our lives. God bless you all my dear friends. You are all in my prayers and in my thoughts. Amen.

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