Straight From My Heart

I hope you enjoy this blog because it is "straight from my Heart". This is the title of my second book that was truly written straight from my heart. If you check out this book I am sure will find it very inspirational. If you were never a believer in life beyond this world you may feel a flicker or become a true believer that there is life after this one. If you are a believer this will be a true turn page turner for you and even for those who at this point are not. Can you imagine knowing that the ones you loved you will see again. I also included beautiful stories where my friends contributed their own personal stories. I would like to share a beautiful poem that I would like to share with you al. It is called "A Friend in Heaven".

A Friend in Heaven

So in my heart you will always be, and safely you will stay until the day we meet again: I'll keep you in my prayers.

I often reminisce of all the times we had, the laughter and the fun we had and the things just you and I shared.

You left such a great legacy with your strength of never giving up; we all were so very proud of you and loved you with all our hearts.

And now dear friend Nancy, your journey on earth has ended. but I know you're looking down on us and sending us your love.

And so until we meet again, I will keep you in my heart and know that your spirit in watching over all of us you loved with all your heart.

After each spool I wrote a poem that addressed the spool. (Spool is a chapter). Each story seeks to open hearts, touch souls and encourage all to believe. Blessings and love.

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