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Thank You ReadersMagnet

This is a big thank you to RedersMagnet!! You haven't let me down. You have kept me on base and in control. I could not thank you enough. If anyone is looking for a great publishing company please check out this one. My spectacular consultant name is Kyle Torrez and his number is 800-805-0762 at ext,1586, One of the best things I like about ReadersMagnet is that they don't push you into anything. Kyle is the kindest, sincerest, patient, understanding person you will meet. I feel like I am talking to a friend that is helping me with ,y books. No pressure at all. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and very mindful of my needs, requests and resources. Sometimes I feel inadequate and not sure but Kyle is therefor me to just take away my fears. I have spoke to others at ReadersMagnet and they are all super nice and very courteous. Although this company is fairly young it has the integrity it needs to stay afloat in todays pandemic and be the best it can be. I feel blessed that I came across this company and I hope you do too.

My purpose of my books is to help others feel good about themselves through my candid writings. I bare it all and give my heart and soul to help ease the pain one might be enduring at this moment in their lives. I share my story and the story of others that all of you in one way on another could relate. Kyle has helped me through the process of promoting my book in the best way possible. I feel, as you would, this has been a positive journey and has made my steps easier and so much more relaxing. Long ago the thread I held onto was thin and frail but it was still visible and it held "hope". I could not and would not let it go. I am here today able to stand strong and be strong. Sharing this story "A Thread of Hope" will give you hope even if it is just a thread. I know I was there. " My book Straight from my Heart" shares many stories of Love, Hope and Peace not only by me but by many individuals that share there lives and how they made it through. A Thread of Hope and Straight from my Heart books are inspirational, encouraging, comforting, although sad in many respects will lift you up with the outcome. I am actually beginning to write a third book again from my heart. I will keep you posted and i will keep on writing as long as the good God gives me the guidance to move on. As everyone without a doubt are going through there own struggles along with the ways of the world right now. There is no doubt about that. If I can say one thing to help you through the day, sometimes one minute, there is a light at the end of this tunnel we are passing through and thank you God it is not the train that will hit us in the face but only the bright sunlight that God will make sure that we have. God bless you all. I would so appreciate it if you would be so kind and comment on any of my blogs or books when you find the moment. I pray each night for guidance. I ask the angels to surround with with their beautiful guiding light and t protect my writings that they will only help others in their individual needs. May the angles always surround you with their beautiful guiding light . Amen Jacqui DeLorenzo

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