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"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." W. James

This is a great quote from William James. Today is a very stressful time in history. It is like we are under a dark umbrella with many spokes holding its own stresses. First we have the pandemic "the virus". The umbrella so to speak. The umbrella has many spokes that hold for each of us our own individual stresses. We all come from different places and we all live different lives. We all handle our stresses differently. However, we can decide what thoughts we want to engulf our lives. We can think positive and we can think negative. Does it change the situation? No, the situation is the same. The way we choose how to look at the situation is ours. We can choose to look at the doom and gloom or look at the bright side of the situation. It is a dark time in our lives. Many people have been sick, many people have passed away, very, very sad. However, we will get out of this and we will move onto better things. We will learn from this and we will improve our lives. We are learning how to take care of ourselves and how to take care of others. We are learning how to care more about what is really important to us and what really matters. We are learning that life is short and valuable and it is important to live each day to the fullest because we are never promised tomorrow. It is important to be a realist but it is important to live your life in a positive way. One thing we have in life is free choice. This is ours to choose. I pray each day for the scientist and doctors to find a cure for Covid 19. I believe they will and I await the day when I can say Amen. God bless America and the world. Choose the positive as you journey through this jungle that will open up to sunshine and flowers.

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