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The Soul

Through this awful pandemic that we all have been going through some have suffered much worse than others. Some of us have lost loved ones that nothing could ever replace such a loss. It is painful and so hurtful. But hope and love will keep you strong. I wrote a poem "The Soul" that may help in some way. I hope you find it comforting.

One never gets over losing but one learns to live with the loss,

for they were so much a part of you when they were here on earth.

The beautiful thing that you both have is that they have you in their soul

so the fact they never left you should give you much console.

For one day you will meet again and they will greet you at the door,

and you will be together again forever more and more.

So when you are feeling lonely and feeling quite blue,

remember that they are near you and loving you so true.

God Bless you all. Sending you angels to light your way.

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