The Year 2020

Did the year 2020 give you a "2020" eye vision view of our world. Did "2020" open up our eyes. mind. our hearts, our souls? Do we view things in a clearer vision? Do we see things differently with an open and clear mind? What matters most to us? What is most important to us? So many questions. I know for myself I appreciate life so much more. I thought, I always did! However, the year 2020 told me "you had no idea what you had" I guess I didn't! I hope this lesson will be just that "a lesson". It is up to us to wake up and pay attention. If we don't learn from our mistakes they remain mistakes and we will remain stuck in this horrible world of illness, stress and much uneasiness. If we learn from this it will become I feel, the most valuable lesson we have experienced. So the year 2021 opens to us a brand new world. We will have a new beginning. We will have a new start to begin what matters most to us and how important it is to us putting into use what we have learned. So I say smile a big smile because it will be different world but it will be a better world and we will be happy. To quote a saying " This is the first day of our lives." AMEN! Blessings, Jacqui DeLorenzo

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