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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Today we are living under an Umbrella. The umbrella at the moment is the Covid 19 virus. It isn't a bit nice, in fact it is relentless. It is ruthless and an evil fighter. As you all know an umbrella has many spokes. So as an analogy I will use this to focus in on what I would like to share. We all live under this umbrella. No one person, race, religion, state, country, continent or earth is exempt from this horrific virus. Rather than look at it as the big picture, the umbrella, lets take each spoke and see how it can be woven into many positive spokes. First of all, the handle of the umbrella is the base. It is the core. It's the firm foundation that makes the spokes stronger than the black veil that encompasses us today. We all live different lives. Some of us have families, some of us don't. Some of us are healthy, some of us are not. So, some of us pray and some of us don't. We live our lives how we learned to live our lives. How we react to what life deals us is what will make our lives happy or sad. We have a choice. We were given the right to choose what steps we need to take. How do you react to a stressful situation? Lets take Spoke 1. is my family. I am in my opinion blessed person to have a loving family. I am not saying we don't have issues, that would not be true, l but we have a loving caring family. This lightens the umbrella because we having loving and caring support for each other. Spoke two are my friends. Friends are important to me. Each of my friends sheds light and we all care and love each other. We are there for each other and each of my friends share with me our own special bond. Another light that brightens the dark umbrella that encompasses the world. Spoke 3 is my health. My health is not great. I have a heart condition and in May, 2020 was in the hospital for nine days. Nine days in the hospital is a long time to be in the hospital for today. So I look at the bright side. I made it through. Although it left me not as well as I use to be I learned to live with it and make the best of it. I am able to be completely independent as before and I know the guidelines I have to follow. This is just another step in life that I choose to go forward instead of backwards. This could of been my choice but why would I choose that course. As that old cliché says "It is what it is!" So even though the spoke isn't perfect so neither is life ever perfect. I look to see what I have instead of what I don't have. Spoke 4 Freedom. Freedom is huge for me, it is a gift and I treasure it. I can decide how I live. I can decide to do something or choose not to do something. I can make my own choices, decide where I want to live, share my thoughts and feelings, decide who I care to be with, all of this and not only do I have freedom but it is all free. Spoke 5 Faith I have to say that one of the strongest spokes on my umbrella is my faith. My faith has always been my stronghold. For me, it is my greatest gift. If I didn't believe in a life hereafter I would feel lost. Knowing that there is a God more powerful than anything in the entire universe gives me strength. God gives us the power of choice, to make decisions, to choose right from wrong, to be good or to be bad. This is our decision not His. God does not send illness, violence, ill weather, or anything that isn't good. He allows it to happen because we have free will. We make the choices in any thing that happens in this world. I know when I need help all I do is pray and ask him to help me . My belief is that He is there and knows best. God's will be done. Spoke 6 Love is my greatest gift. I am blessed with love-in my heart and soul. I have always loved my family, friends, acquaintances and people in general. I have a desire to reach out and help others to help them feel better and help them feel positive rather than negative. I feel it is a gift to me and helps me to reach out to others. Helping others look at life through positive lens than negative lens is one of my goals in life. It is so more beneficial to be positive rather than negative in our view of life especially now.

So each of you who have this umbrella over you today do yourself a favor and create your own beautiful umbrella. Give it a try you have nothing to lose. I guarantee you will feel better. God bless you all and I send to each and everyone of you a beautiful, healthy, hug. Blessings, Jacqui

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Jacqui - you inspire me - so much.

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